Hello there, I'm Henry

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linkedin: ogbonna henry

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a full stack developer, i've been a fanatic of computers since time immemorial, and i loved math (can't figure out why I don't love it anymore). anyways, a wrote my first line of code in 2019! thanks to zuck, yeah, i'm a fan of him (I watch social network twice every year).

aside from coding, i don't have much of a life anymore. i used to, probably three years back, but right now it's just me, my bed, and laptop. i haven't explored much, just sticking to web currently (mobile soon).

currently maintaining Submmunity while building Loupp . partly contributed to NextDeveloper too.

i'm yapper and introvert who write less, so here is my blog . i hope i soon talk less and write more!

If you can read this, remember: if you think you’re unimportant, just remember death still needs you :-)

Languages/tools i take interest In

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My fun projects, cool experiments, serious endeavors and everything in between, here’s a glimpse into what I work on in my spare time

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