Hello there, I'm Henry

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I've been a fanatic of computers since time immemorial, and I loved math (can't figure out why I don't love it anymore). Anyways, I wrote my first line of code in 2019! thanks to Zuck, yeah, I'm a fan of him (I watch Social Network twice every year).

Aside from coding, I don't have much of a life anymore. I used to, probably three years back, but right now it's just me, my bed, and laptop. I haven't explored much, just sticking to web currently (mobile soon).

Currently maintaining Submmunity while building Loupp. Partly contributed to NextDeveloper too.

I'm talkative introvert who write less, so here is my blog. I hope I soon talk less and write more!

The blue and green up there just signifies ➰ (loop). :-)

If you can read this, remember: if you think you’re unimportant, just remember death still needs you

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